Image Make Model Condition Price Stock
Breedlove C15 Custom Used $3995 on Sale $3500! DEEP DISCOUNT $2995! Yes
Chasson Parlor Used $2995 Yes
Collings D3SB Used $3695 Yes
Collings D2HG Used $3600 Yes
Collings CW (Clarence White) Used $4050 on SALE $3795! Yes
Gerber Bubinga SD New $4100 on SALE $3495! Yes
Gibson circa 1931 L-4 Used $3995 on SALE $3495! Yes
Gibson L-1 Archtop (Peanut) Used $3995 Yes
Gibson All Mahogany Peanut Used $3995 Yes
Greven D Herringbone Custom Used $3295 on SALE $2895! Yes

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