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Square Deal JN Guitar: Curly Mahogany

Square Deal Guitars Logo

Square Deal JN Guitar

  • Curly Mahogany back & sides
  • W. Virginia Red Spruce top, cut in 1993 by the late, Ted Davis
  • Red Spruce bracing
  • Hot Hide Glue construction
  • Gorgeous Shaded finish all over the guitar
  • Madagascar rosewood fretboard with dot position markers
  • Madagascar rosewood bridge
  • Maple bridge plate
  • Madagascar rosewood headstock faceplate with MOP logo
  • Nickel Waverly tuning machines
  • Tortoiseshell colored bindings
  • Bone nut, saddle and bridge pins
  • End-grain Ivoroid rosette & purflings
  • Firestripe colored pickguard
  • Neat and tidy workmanship, this guitar has a real vintage vibe to it
  • What's not to love ?
$3695 on HOLD

Maingard Guitar: Crossover Nylon String

Maingard Guitars logo

Maingard Crossover Nylon String Jazz Guitar

  • African Blackwood back & sides (double sides)
  • The sides are lined with Maple
  • Italian Red Cedar top from Rivolta- the Rivolta family has been cutting and dealing with fine wood for over a century
  • Honduran Mahogany neck
  • Slotted headstock with Sloan tuning machines, Ebony buttons
  • Rare purfling, Marc calls it diamond herringbone, this appears around the top, on the brige and heelcap
  • Top ergonomic bevel
  • This is the last African Blackwood guitar that Marc plans to build, making it all that more desirable!
  • Florentine cutaway
  • Ebony fretboard measuring 1 7/8" at the nut, with a few side dots
  • African Blackwood rosette with purflings
  • These same purflings appear on the tie block of the bridge
  • Signature Maingard heelcap of repetitive fine purflings
  • Full, throaty, resonant instrument
  • It responds equally well to a light touch or more forceful playing
  • Top of the line, Artist series Hiscox lite flight case included

Used Froggy Bottom H12 Guitar

Froggy Bottom guitars logo

1999 Froggy Bottom H12 Guitar

  • Indian Rosewood back & sides
  • Vermont grown Adirondack Spruce top
  • Ebony fretboard with abalone dot fretmarkers
  • Slotted headstock with Abalone Frog logo
  • Mammoth Ivory heelcap engraving of a Newfoundland dog
  • Original letter from Michael Millard giving the provenance of the guitar
  • Curly Maple body bindings
  • Curly Maple heel and endgrafts
  • Bound headstock with Gold Waverly tuning machines
  • Ebony bridge wth Ebony pins/abalone dots
  • Abalone rosette & back center strip
  • K & K Trininty pickup system with soundhole controls
  • Original, Ameritage hard shell case
  • Excellent condtion
$5250 HOLD

40th Anniversary WEE Lowden Guitar

Lowden Guitars logo

40th Anniversary WEE Lowden Guitar

Ltd Edition #92 of 101

  • Mastergrade Brazilian rosewood back & sides (CITIES Certified)
  • Mastergrade Alpine Spruce top
  • Curly Maple bindings with adjacent purflings
  • "50 series" rosette of Maple and Abalone
  • 5 piece laminated neck
  • Split saddle, pinless bridge
  • 24" scale length
  • Ebony fretboard, outlined with purfling lines
  • Ebony headstock faceplate with MOP logo
  • Gold Gotoh 510 tuning machines wtih Ebony buttons
  • Ebony headstock backplate with MOP "40th Anniversary" inlay
  • 40th, Mother of Pearl heelcap inlay
  • Special 40th anniversary interior label
  • Top, back & side purflings, a nice detail on the Lowden 50 series guitars
  • Custom Hiscox Lite flight case included

Huss and Dalton Guitar: TOM-M Custom 42 Style Sinker Mahogany


Used 2010 Huss and Dalton Custom TOM-42 Guitar

  • SN 3002
  • Some time time ago, we received the most magnificent Sinker Mahogany guitar from Huss & Dalton.  That guitar has since sold, but here we no are able to offer this guitar on the used market from this very rare, and amazing wood.
  • This guitar has then, Sinker Mahogany back and sides.
  • Adirondack Spruce top.
  • 42 style fretboard inlay, rosette, top trim and fingerboard perimeter.
  • Grained Ivoroid body, headstock, and fretboard bindings.
  • Abalone headstock logo.
  • Nickel Waverly open back tuning gears.
  • Ebony bridge with Ebony pins/abalone dots.
  • Tortoiseshell colored pickguard.
  • The tone is unsurpassed in a Mahogany/Adi OM. Truly....!
  • Near Mint condition !!
  • Here's the SCOOP on this Rare Wood:

River salvaged sinker Genuine Belizean Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophilla)

 The Mahogany Tree (Swietenia Macrophilla) is one of the Belize's magnificent giants of the forest. Rising straight and tall to over a hundred feet from great buttresses at the roots, it emerges above the canopy of the surrounding trees with a crown of large, shining green leaves. In the early months of the year,when the leaves fall and new red-brown growth appears, the tree can be spotted from a great distance.The tree puts out a great flush of small whitish flowers - the blossom for dark fruits, which are pear-shaped capsules about six inches long. When the fruits mature they split into five valves, freeing large winged seeds which are carried away by the wind. They fall on the shaded protection of the forest floor and germinate to begin a new life cycle. The mahogany tree matures in 60 to 80 years. British settlers exploited the forest for mahogany, beginning around the middle of the 17th century. It was originally exported to the United Kingdom in the form of squared logs, but shipments now consist mainly lumber.

    If you like wood with a story, then it doesn't get any better then this material. This is material from the bottom of Belizean rivers. Belize used to be a British colony. The British exported a lot of Mahogany from Belize throughout history and during the 19th century they used the rivers of Belize as there main source of transportation. Occasionally the denser Mahogany logs would sink! These logs for over 100 years had been lost and forgotten, until now!

   All the logs where salvaged using environmentally sound practices using small boats and pulleys to remove these logs off the bottom of the rivers. The logs where cut in Belize using local labor. Hence this is a very eco-friendly product. The material was kiln dried in Belize but has been re-sticked to give the piles air flow to allow them to air dry even more. Due to the age of these logs, all this material would have been old growth timber. The color is excellent and the grain is tight. Some of the material is even figured. Plus the material has a very interesting natural edge. The texture has been sculpted by the river and is very pleasing to the eye.



$4495 HOLD

Beneteau M African Blackwood Guitar

Used 2008 Beneteau model Concert Std Guitar

  • Deliciously dark African Blackwood Back & Sides
  • Fine European Spruce top
  • Venetian cutaway
  • Curly Koa binding & tail endgraft
  • Curly Koa ergonomic armrest
  • Curly Koa rosette with double abalone rings
  • Ebony bound soundhole
  • LR Baggs Anthem pickup
  • Abalone back center strip
  • African Blackwood bridge with Ebony pins/abalone dots
  • African Blackwood fretboard, bound in ebony with purfling lines
  • African Blackwood front & back headstock faceplates
  • MOP headstock logo
  • Gold Gotoh 510 tuning machines with Ebonoid buttons
  • Mahogany neck
  • Buttery smooth action to match the buttery smooth sound of the guitar
  • Marc has one of the most comfortable neck profiles in the business, it is such a pleasure to play
  • Combine that with a short 25" scale and you've got a guitar that plays with ease
  • Light Grey Calton dlx case with blue interior
  • Some specs:
    Upper Bout: 11 5/8" (29.7cm)
    Waist: 9 11/16" (24.7 cm)
    Lower Bout: 16" (40.7cm)
    Depth: 4 1/8" (10.5cm)

 Near Mint!


Chasson Parlor Guitar

 Chasson Guitars logo

Used 2010 Chasson Parlor Guitar

SN 69

  • Indian Rosewood back & sides
  • Adirondack Spruce top
  • Meranti Neck (Neck angle can be adjusted without a neck set)
  • Black mini Schaller tuning machines
  • CocoBolo bridge
  • Flamed Black Acacia bindings
  • East Indian rosewood fretboard
  • Elevated fretboard
  • Excellent condition with one, pro - repaired back impact crack (now completely stable)
  • This does not effect the resonance of the guitar at all - it sounds HUGE for its size

Used Laurie Williams Signature Whitebait Ancient Kauri Guitar

Laurie Williams Guitars logo

2004 Laurie Williams Piwakawka Guitar

SN 04091

  • Rare, Williams Signature Whitebait Ancient Kauri timber back & sides
  • This model name was the precursor to today's Kiwi model
  • Special grade New Zealand Kauri top
  • Taraire wood top purfling
  • Ebony fretboard with micro purfling
  • Elaborate tropical reef fretboard inlay with shark & jelly fish & more!
  • The shark is dyed Mother of Pearl- all the other elements of this stellar inlay are natural shell and natural colors
  • CocoBolo bridge and bridge pins
  • Whitebait ancient kauri headstock faceplate with abalone logo
  • Gold Gotoh 510 tuning machines with CocoBolo buttons
  • CocoBolo bindings, end wedge and heelcap
  • Top, back, side, and endgraft paua abalone micro purflings
  • Abalone rosette & back center strip
  • Laminated neck of native, New Zealand woods
  • Near Mint condition!

James Olson Dreadnought

Olson Guitars logo

Used 2006 Olson D Guitar

  • Indian Rosewood back & sides
  • Sitka Spruce top
  • Custom block "OLSON" headstock logo in pearl
  • Black finish over entire guitar
  • This makes the abalone rosette & top trim sparkle!
  • Also, beautiful abalone back center strip
  • Ebony fretboard with dot markers
  • Black pickguard in keeping with the theme
  • The headstock has abalone purfling
  • Ivoroid bindings, heel cap and end wedge
  • Chrome Gotoh 510 tuning machines with Ebonoid buttons
  • Stereo Fishman pickup with discrete soundhole controls
  • Ebony bridge with Ebony pins/abalone dots
  • Excellent overall condition
  • Custom fit Calton flight case included
  • This is Not your typical dreadnought guitar! It sounds just as sweet as Jim's SJ's only with more punch and Bass.

Used Kraut Modified D Guitar

Kraut Guitars logo

 2013 Kraut Modified D

  • Beautiful Brazilian rosewood back and sides
  • European Spruce top
  • One of Ray's exquisite, custom rosettes
  • Top arm bevel
  • Inlay on the side of the neck matches the theme of the guitar
  • Custom end graft
  • Hoffee white flight case
  • K & K pure mini pickup
  • Bookmatched headstock faceplate
  • Tuners look to be Alessi with Ebony buttons
  • The sound Explodes from this guitar with the lightest touch
  • Near Mint condition

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